A unique dining experience around the world and beyond

Restaurant Galaxa is the first of its kind, true alternate reality restaurant that offers you an unmatched dining experience. While offering you the ultimate gourmet dishes from our kitchen, we take you on a trip around the world and beyond.

Amazing CONCEPT. It is a spaceship theme with great food and service.  Nice background music too. Excellent for a romantic dinner evening.”

– Frederic Peterson

What an amazing experience. Dining in an airplane without the jet lag and having good quality food. Nice background music and friendly attentive service. I highly recommend them..

– Leslie Thompson

“I loved the concept, the food, and service. Very nice background music, the idea of a spaceship is a creative one and really you feel like you are in one. Very recommended”

– Catherine Maccan



151 St-Catherine East, Montréal, QC, H2X 1K8 (Metro saint-Laurent)

Phone: (514) 419-8739     Email: info@galaxa.ca

Video By Ragaa Elghoubashy

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